Relax - Cannabis and Anxiety


A high concentration of CB1 receptors is found in the inhibitory cells, suggesting the direct influence on overactive neurons that cause seizures. Most of the science on how cannabis can be used to treat epilepsy is anecdotal (testimonial based) and needs further investigation.


Cannabinoids reduce pain intensity among migraine patients by approximately 43% due to their ability to block pain signals to the brain.

Multiple Sclerosis

THC and CBD taking your immune system out of “attack mode”. Once your immune system calms down, it stops attacking the CNS (Central Nervous System). THC and CBD also promote neurogenesis in adults.

Parkinson's Disease

Patients with Parkinson's Disease have less CB1 receptors. Stimulating existing CB1 receptors with cannabis can improve tremors and may help control unwanted movement and shaking.

Tourette's Syndrome

Cannabis shows a drastic reduction in individual tics once consumed.However, all studies are anecdotal (testimonial base), and more research needs to be done.