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May 10, 2019

Cannabis Infused DIY Gifts for Mother's Day

Mel Perron
6 min

Whether you’re a Mom yourself or trying to treat a Mom in your life, these three CBD infused DIY’s are a must on your mothers day list. We’ve put together our top three DIY’s to create a great mothers day plan, eat, relax and connect all while getting your daily dose of cannabis.

Our first DIY is a cannabis-infused greek salad. Greek salad on its own is already an incredibly healthy way to combat inflammation and a great source of vitamins (not to mention it’s delicious). When combined, the Mediterranean salad and the anti-inflammatory ability of cannabis its a double whammy.

Perfect for lunch or dinner, paired with BBQ or on its own, our cannabis-infused greek salad fits perfectly into your Mother’s Day plans.

Cooking with Cannabis - CBD Infused Greek Salad

Now that dinner is out of the way, it’s time to settle into the relaxing part of a busy holiday. What better way to slow down, take time for yourself and relax than a bath with a cannabis-infused bath bomb? This quick and easy DIY cannabis bath bomb is entirely customizable. Choose your essential oils, your cannabis ratio and away you go! Cannabis infused bath bombs are a great gift, or better yet, draw a bath, light some candles and leave mom in peace! Mental health is a large focus in our society and it is incredible the good that can come from taking time to sit and relax.

Cannabis-Infused Bath Bombs

Our last DIY suggestion is cannabis-infused massage oil. The great part about cannabis DIY’s like bath bombs and massage oils is how simple, thoughtful and customizable they are. Just like the bath bombs, you get to create a blend together of your own essential oils. Don’t have a blend you like? That’s ok, the internet has so many resources and suggestions for you to choose from. Blending essential oils with the cannabinoids THC and CBD can create incredible pain relief and relax your muscles, this is perfect for releasing tension or managing pain before a good nights sleep.

Cannabis-Infused Massage Oil

All of these cannabis-infused mother day suggestions can be used as gifts, gifts are a great way to show appreciation and how important moms are to us. These suggestions are all useful, healthy and natural gifts you can give confidently, knowing that whoever uses them, will be feeling great! Why not make them together, spending time together and creating or cooking with the people we care about is a gift in and of itself! If you can, set some time away for the mothers in your life to do some cooking or crafting, you’ll be making more than just crafts and delicious food, you’ll be creating memories!

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