Cannabis Culture in Canada
February 7, 2018

History of Medical Cannabis - The Progression of Medical Cannabis

Mel Perron
3 min

We’ve come a long way from the shag carpets and drum circles of the past. As a society, we have shed the embarrassing “Reefer Madness” days of disinformation, racism and propaganda and begun to take a responsible, science-based approach to education, research and consumption. Throughout the last several decades, many prominent scientists around the globe have pressed regulatory boards for a more inclusive, open approach to the research done on a medicine that humanity has cultivated for tens of thousands of years. Their invaluable work has brought us to a point where we are applying the most modern techniques of science, including new, innovative ways to isolate, identify and measure the contents of the many active medicinal ingredients. This research has opened up a discussion on the medical benefits of each individual cannabinoid and the development of specifically bred hybrid plants with varying levels of cannabinoids in order to more effectively treat specific ailments and disorders. Some of the most prominent producers are now fully capable of producing almost pure (99.9%) extracts of each beneficial molecule, which can then be precisely administered with an exact dose, in comparison to simply smoking the flower. Very few doctors will prescribe smoking, due to the harm on human lungs from all types of smoke inhalation, so now many producers offer variety in their medicinal products; from capsules to concentrates that can be vaporized, and even suppository options. As our society transitions into a world that now offers this alternative medicine, we must continue to improve the dialogue around cannabis. Not all medicines work perfectly for every person, but cannabis is now a legitimate option for pain, anxiety, depression, nausea and many other afflictions. It is important to note though that like any other chemical medicine, it may take a certain amount of trial and error to fine tune the exact right dosage and method of ingestion for the ideal treatment and relief of various ailments. Compass Cannabis Clinic offers assistance to guide you to better health, while providing a safe place to talk about the various dangers and benefits that cannabis provides.

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